Special Projects

Solar PV
Solar PV can be the solution for a low cost, fixed price energy supply for your commercial demand.

The systems can be designed to meet the needs of not only your demands but nearby users too, providing excellent returns on investment. We can carry our design and feasibility studies informing you of your options around Solar PV installations. All aspects relating to the delivery can be managed by us.

Waste to energy
Commercial organisations are often paying too much to dispose of their waste and also missing the opportunity to improve the sustainability of the business.

In some circumstances it can also be an opportunity to use the waste as a resource. This can both save money and also provide clean energy. If investments are made in the waste operations, it can also provide long term secured returns.

Renewable energy supply agreements
Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Waste to Energy facilities all produce energy for the national infrastructure. Increasingly direct agreements with consumers are being established, offering both a carbon neutral supply of energy and the benefit of a much better price.

This connection can be made ‘virtually’ by matching your use with generation elsewhere or via a ‘private wire’ with a generator nearby. This is a very exciting area of activity for the renewable energy industry offering great prospects for generators and users alike.

EV infrastructure
With the current tax scenarios around EV or PHEV vehicles and their sustainability credentials, it makes sense for a number of reasons to install charge points at your business premises.

The installations can vary from a single charge point to solar car ports, where car parks can be covered structures with solar panels providing cover and electricity for the vehicles. We work with specialist partners who offer the various options suitable for each location.

Funding Options
Installations can be fully funded on the back of an agreement to purchase the energy, or we can provide the advice and accompanying feasibility reports for self-funded projects.

We can introduce and manage funding counter parties and deal with the end-to-end delivery of the installation. We can also support the client with the relevant and necessary reports and models for their own financing.